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This photo shows the front of our building. A large black sign on the left side of the building reads Thurs Smoke Shop and our door is located in the very center of the building. A trash can and a few signs sit on either side of the door. An accessibility ramp sits on the right side of the building.

Thur's Smoke Shop



7AM  -  10PM

Myah C.

“Out of the 4 dispensaries in town, I always drive the extra distance just so I can go to Thurs. Every employee I've encountered is beyond helpful (I usually have a few questions.) I've also bought a few glass pieces from them & they're holding up great.
I love them!! Wide variety of product & great quality."

Grace W.

"Amazing, kind hearted and understanding employees.
I was having the worst day ever, and coming in here they put a smile on my face."

Robert H.

“I've been in a lot of dispensaries,
in a lot of states. Thurs has the chillest vibe and the most laid back atmosphere.
No pressure, lots of knowledge, and worked to get me the most bang for my buck!! This place is dope!!”

Randy W.

“I would like to take a minuet & recognize the employees here at Thurs Smoke shop. I would like to say that all of the budtenders are very polite and forthcoming. If a person has had a bad experience here, it's probably due to arriving in a rather bad mood. If you have been asked to leave it's probably cause you deserve to be asked to leave, otherwise become a true stoner and accept the help that is being provided at this dispensary. I am a 100% dedicated customer and I have never, since this place opened, have had a bad experience even when I have arrived in serious pain and in a bad space! I always leave with a smile on my face from the positivity I have received.
#1 customer of Thurs, Randy"

Ashley C.

"BEST BUD SHOP AROUND. I have been to many weed shops throughout Washington AND Oregon, and THUR'S is HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE STORE. They have an AMAZING selection, and the staff is very courteous. Unlike other weed stores where it feels like they are just trying to herd you like cattle, these people genuinely care about helping their customers. Their prices are awesome for the quality of bud you receive. I have never left their store as a dissatisfied customer. I tell everyone in my circle, that if you are ever out near Pendleton, stop at THUR'S. You will not be disappointed."

Lydia J

“There are many dispensaries in Oregon but none of them are as awesome as Thurs!! Everything they carry is high quality, prices are absolutely fair and what's super important to me is customer service and they take the cake!! Everyone is so kind and helpful I look forward to seeing them when I come in. I've had some bad experiences with other stores in the area so I'm very grateful for Thurs and the way they run their business.”
Gary Payton (15).JPG

About Us

Opened in September 2019, Thurs Smoke Shop is one of Oregon's largest Cannabis Dispensaries. Offering premium top-shelf cannabis at a maximum price of $12 a gram and a plethora of other products, Thurs is a one-of-a-kind dispensary.

Thurs Smoke Shop carries products that cater to both medical and recreational needs. Are you looking for concentrates, joints, and glass or CBD products, edibles, and topicals?

Regardless, Thurs has you covered.

Thurs Smoke Shop takes pride in being a one-stop shop with something to offer to everyone who walks through our doors.

At Thurs our Budtenders are passionate, knowledgeable, and more than happy to answer any questions you may have about any of the products we carry and the effects they may have.  
We hope to see you soon!!  

Contact Us

502 SE 16th St, Pendleton, OR 97801, USA

(541) 429-8760

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The Thurs Smoke Shop Bar Logo. A black background with bold white writing that reads Thurs Smoke Shop.
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